Stage and Power Requirements

     (For banquet halls and ballrooms, not applicable to showrooms and theaters)

Davis Circus of Illusion Show

The following technical requirements are vital to the success of your event. If you have any questions regarding these requirements or if any of these requirements cannot be met, please contact Craig Davis at 480-756-1625.

Room Availability:

 • IMPORTANT: The room must be available to the performers with the stage and risers in place no less than three hours prior to audience arrival time. 


• Power Requirements: 100 amp power distribution panel at the stage. Five (5) clean 20 amp electrical circuits with standard U-ground outlets are required at the stage for sound and lighting.
• Stage Requirements: When risers are being set for the show a minimum of 16’ x 24’ x 2’ (as shown below) Stage sections must be level and locked together with a minimum of one foot of space between the back wall and the stage. Place stairs at center front of stage.
• Seating Requirements: Must be seated directly in front of the stage (not to the sides or the back).
• Haze Generator: If it is agreed upon to use a haze generator, some venues may require that the fire alarms be disengaged during the performance.

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