The Art of Juggling

Craig Davis combines his skills as both a master magician and a professional juggler to create a diverse and thrilling show.

For Craig, juggling is akin to meditation. While practicing, the world fades into the background, and he turns his entire focus to the clubs, balls, knives, or torches leaving and returning to his hands in flawless rhythm.

The focus of this meditation changes during performance. During a show, you have to focus on the audience, not the routine, so you can interact with the audience and respond to the laughter, cheers, and occasional heckle they give you. The challenge is to become so comfortable with your juggling routine that you don’t have to think about it. You just do it.

Occasionally, Craig does drop a ball or club, but how he handles this situation only adds to his talent as an entertainer. Instead of trying to ignore or cover up mistakes, he simply jokes about them, giving the audience an opportunity to laugh.

Craig adds other skills to his juggling act that make it even more unbelievable to watch—things like blindfolds, unicycles, and a slack line. One of his most popular acts is juggling knives while riding his unicycle, all while his eyes are taped shut underneath a metal blindfold. Craig also juggles three, four, and five clubs at a time while balancing on a slack line.

The surprising thing about his juggling acts is that he is usually not doing his most challenging tricks, allowing hims to make sure he can focus on the audience and perform well. There are, however, several exceptions, one of which being juggling seven balls at one time—a coveted skill even among experienced professionals.

“I made a commitment a couple of years ago that I would never do a show again without juggling seven balls,” he said. “I did that to try and force myself to get better at it because it’s embarrassing to get up there and drop and drop.” In the last few years, he has gotten better and better at it, and now it is one of the highlights of his show.

His juggling is just one of those things you have to see to believe, so check out these YouTube videos and prepare to be amazed!

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