Craig Davis: Magician of the Year

The words “Society of American Magicians” may not resonate with those of us who are lawyers, plumbers, contractors, laborers, dental hygienists, or civil servants. But Craig Davis knows S.A.M. as the premier professional organization for magicians and illusionists. Membership is important; accolades are sought after; awards are the ultimate recognition of achievement. 

Composed of almost 300 Assemblies (or chapters), and with a membership of 47,000 throughout its 115-year history, the Society of American Magicians is for anyone interested in the art of magic. On its website, the Society describes itself as “the oldest and most prestigious magical society in the world.”

During the 2016 holiday banquet of S.A.M. Assembly #248, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, the Assembly Board of Directors bestowed the prestigious “Magician of the Year” award upon Craig Davis of Davis Magic. The banquet emcee, Brad Zinn, recognized Craig as one of Arizona’s top professional magicians. National and local luminaries in attendance included Andre Kole, Jay Gorham, Roger Blakiston, Robert Ray, Gary Lazok, and Jeff "Erskine" Payton.

Craig, who also performed at the banquet, said this about being named 2016 Magician of the Year: “I was pleasantly surprised at this unexpected honor. I love being a magician. There is no better feeling than bringing people joy and wonder. Receiving this award from my fellow magicians means a great deal.” 

Craig Davis’ distinctions including performing for the late comic actor Robin Williams at his birthday party, performing for former United States Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, inventing illusions for master illusionist Andre Kole, performing half-time shows for the Phoenix Suns basketball team, and performing his twice-monthly Davis Circus of Illusion show at the Cattle Track Theater in Scottsdale.

A hearty congratulation to Craig Davis. Make sure to catch his Cattle Track show!
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