Truly an event like no other; Craig Davis and Myryka combine the artistry of illusion with the spectacle of the circus. These acts are unique and original, making them a once in a lifetime experience.

• Spectacular Grand Illusions
• Side-Splitting Comedy
• Audience Participation
World Class Belly Dancing
• Trained Tropical Birds
• Amazing Juggling
• Original Music
• The show is self-contained with backdrops, lights, sound, and an audio/visual technician. These are available for your use before and after the show.

"You have the Supreme Court Seal of Approval You are simply fantastic!"
Justice Sandra Day O'Connor
US Supreme Court
"We had high expectations, but you far exceeded them."
Molly F. Abt
Dean of Student Services, DeVry Institute of Technology
"...without a doubt the best dinner entertainment we've had in the ten years I've attended!"
Charles S Lessard 
Chairman, Pace Council, IEEE-USA
"You're great!"
Robin Williams
Actor / Comic
"The best I've ever seen!"
Paul Harvey
Radio Personality
"...audience captive with excitement... nothing but rave reviews."
Doreen Nelson
Activities Director, Phoenician Resort
"People were literally buzzing about it the next morning...your magic was funny without being crude."
Shelley Chaves
Corporate Secretary, International Farmers Association
"Wonderful show!"
Bill Marriott
Chairman, CEO, Marriott International, Inc.
"...surprised and overcome with the magic and your other skills..."
John Olive
National Manager, Cargill Foods

•This show can be customized and preformed in a variety of settings, however, the following is recommended:
• Ideal minimum stage size 16’ x 24’ x 2’ (see stage and power requirements).
• Approximate set-up time is 3 hours. Time should be scheduled for set-up to be completed before the audience arrives.
• The audience must be seated in front of the stage (as opposed to the sides or back). 

Comments from the Audience:

“The best I’ve ever seen!”
   Paul Harvey
   Radio Personality

“You’re great!”
   Robin Williams
   Actor / Comic

“... without a doubt the best dinner entertainment we’ve had in the ten years I’ve attended!”
   Charles S. Lessard, Chairman
   Pace Council, IEEE-USA

“... simply outstanding, I have received rave reviews from many!”
   James M. Jones Jr.
   Executive Director, Lutheran Hospitals Foundation

“... definitely the hit of the evening.”
   Susan Haas
   H.R. Supervisor, Litton Electronic Devices

“We had high expectations, but you far exceeded them.”
   Molly F. Abt
   Dean of Student Services, DeVry Institute of Technology

“... great entertainment program... received many compliments!”
   Paul Bruner, President
   Los Viejos Board of Directors, SRP
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