Close Up

Craig Davis, a talented magician and juggler, creates for you a most memorable and spectacular event. Personable, clean-cut and engaging, Craig easily builds rapport with his audience.

• Craig travels from group to group entertaining and amazing everyone with close-up magic including miracles with cards, coin manipulation, cups and balls, rope magic, and torn and restored currency. You’ll even see a dollar bill, borrowed from the audience, float freely in the air just inches away from onlookers.

"You have the Supreme Court Seal of Approval You are simply fantastic!"
Justice Sandra Day O'Connor
US Supreme Court
"We had high expectations, but you far exceeded them."
Molly F. Abt
Dean of Student Services, DeVry Institute of Technology
"...without a doubt the best dinner entertainment we've had in the ten years I've attended!"
Charles S Lessard 
Chairman, Pace Council, IEEE-USA
"You're great!"
Robin Williams
Actor / Comic
"The best I've ever seen!"
Paul Harvey
Radio Personality
"...audience captive with excitement... nothing but rave reviews."
Doreen Nelson
Activities Director, Phoenician Resort
"People were literally buzzing about it the next morning...your magic was funny without being crude."
Shelley Chaves
Corporate Secretary, International Farmers Association
"Wonderful show!"
Bill Marriott
Chairman, CEO, Marriott International, Inc.
"...surprised and overcome with the magic and your other skills..."
John Olive
National Manager, Cargill Foods

• In addition to Craig’s unsurpassed ability as a magician, his juggling is world class. He mesmerizes any age group, flawlessly juggling up to seven balls, clubs, and rings. Fire torches and unicycling are also available.

• Craig often compliments his stage show by offering strolling magic and juggling before the show to heighten anticipation for magic to come

Comments from the Audience:

"It was great experiencing the incredible talent you have. It was definitely a success!"
   Cheryl Joy
   Business Development Coordinator, Desert Schools Federal Credit Union

"Thank you for bringing such great energy and enthusiasm to every show you perform with us. You have great presence and really get out crowds revved up for the evening. We look forward to retaining your services for our future corporate events."
   Mona Reese
   Sales Coordinator, Insurance Administrative Corporation
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