The Craig Davis Comedy, Magic and Juggling Show delivers an amazing, fun-filled and highly entertaining show packed with audience involvement. Fast-moving, energetic, and full of comedy, the performance will keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

"You have the Supreme Court Seal of Approval You are simply fantastic!"
Justice Sandra Day O'Connor
US Supreme Court
"We had high expectations, but you far exceeded them."
Molly F. Abt
Dean of Student Services, DeVry Institute of Technology
"...without a doubt the best dinner entertainment we've had in the ten years I've attended!"
Charles S Lessard 
Chairman, Pace Council, IEEE-USA
"You're great!"
Robin Williams
Actor / Comic
"The best I've ever seen!"
Paul Harvey
Radio Personality
"...audience captive with excitement... nothing but rave reviews."
Doreen Nelson
Activities Director, Phoenician Resort
"People were literally buzzing about it the next morning...your magic was funny without being crude."
Shelley Chaves
Corporate Secretary, International Farmers Association
"Wonderful show!"
Bill Marriott
Chairman, CEO, Marriott International, Inc.
"...surprised and overcome with the magic and your other skills..."
John Olive
National Manager, Cargill Foods

COMEDY: Craig Davis’ subtle and unassuming wit, combined with the humorous situations he creates on stage, sparks laughter throughout his entire performance.

MAGIC: Craig entertains using exciting, visual and comical magic. Beautiful, tropical birds appear, disappear and pass right through a sheet of steel. Craig accomplishes much of his mind- boggling magic with audience participation. A sword will pass through the neck of a volunteer. Steel rings are linked and unlinked in dramatic fashion. Craig even reads the minds of randomly selected spectators. Often, volunteers have their pockets picked or watches stolen, only to have their belongings hysterically restored.

JUGGLING: Craig will also entertain with a variety of exceptional juggling feats which include seven balls, five clubs, cigar boxes and even fire torches (optional). You’ll even see him ride a unicycle blindfolded while juggling swords. Craig stands alone in his ability to balance on a loose swinging rope while juggling 5 clubs!

Craig Davis can customize his show to a variety of settings; the following is recommended for the best show possible:

• This show is best performed in a minimum area of 16’ x 20’.
• Set up and tear down times are approximately 30 to 60 minutes and are ideally accomplished before the guests arrive and after they leave.
• Sound and lighting are available upon request.
• If the audience is large (more than 100 people) a raised stage is recommended. • If riser is unavailable, audience seating is best arranged in a semi-circle or horse-shoe shape.

Comments from the Audience:

"Wonderful show."
   Bill Marriott
   Chairman, CEO, Marriott International, Inc.

"...surprised and overcome with the magic and your other skills..."
   John Olive
   National Manager, Cargill Foods

"Your magic was the hit of the convention!"
   Barbara Fazar
   Marketing Coordinator, Four Corners Agency

"Truly, you live up to your title of magician extraordinare!"
   Laura Barton
   Administrator, Eldorado Vista

"Our employees talked about your performance all week."
   Susan Haas
   HR Supervisor, Litton Electronic Devices

"...audience captive with excitement... nothing but rave review."
   Doreen Nelson
   Activities Director, Phoenician Resort

"Highly recommend your show to any organization looking for the consummate professional."
   Angelique Sunael
   HR Manager, NESCO Service Company

"...exceptionally talented."
   Katie Vaughn
   Assistant to the President, Trinity Medical Center
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