The Craig Davis Comedy, Magic and Juggling Show delivers an amazing, fun-filled and highly entertaining show packed with audience involvement. Fast-moving, energetic, and full of hilarity, will have the audience perched on the edge of their seats!

  • COMEDY: Craig Davis’ subtle and unassuming wit, combined with the humorous situations he creates on stage, spark uproarious laughter throughout the entire performance.
  • MAGIC: Craig entertains using exciting, visual and comical magic. He is a master of the time-honored rings. Beautiful, tropical birds appear, disappear and pass right through a sheet of steel. Throughout the show, Craig pulls many audience members on stage. Any one could be a star, as Craig’s blade passes through the neck of a volunteer. Other volunteers will have their thoughts revealed to all! Often, volunteers have their pockets picked or watches stolen, only to have their belongings hysterically restored!
  • JUGGLING: Craig entertains with a variety of exceptional juggling feats, including seven balls, five clubs, cigar boxes and even fire torches(if outdoors). Craig takes juggling to the next level, even riding a unicycle blindfolded while juggling swords. Craig stands alone in his ability to balance on a swinging rope while juggling 5 clubs!


Craig Davis can customize his show to a variety of settings; the following is recommended for the best show possible:

  • This show is best performed in a minimum area of 16’ x 20’.
  • Set up and tear down times are approximately 30 to 60 minutes and are ideally accomplished before the guests arrive and after they leave.
  • Sound and lighting are available upon request.
  • If the audience is large (more than 100 people) a raised stage is recommended.
  • If riser is unavailable, audience seating is best arranged in a semi-circle or horse-shoe shape.